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“Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.”

~ Rocky Balboa


Clients often come for counselling to improve their personal effectiveness to cope with stressors in the work/school, family, personal and social domains. Examples of some common stressors are when clients undergo transitions such as moving to a new school, job or home, preparing for examinations & interviews. Other common concerns revolve around mid-life crisis, identity & relationship issues, addiction, anxiety, stress, break-up, divorce, grief, loss and depression. Clients usually experience strong emotions such as boredom, anger, guilt, sadness, stress, inadequacy, loneliness, anxiety, grief, fear, frustration and depression.

In a counselling session, clients are given the time and opportunity and a safe space to explore, probe and clarify their issues, thoughts, feelings and behaviours with the counsellor. During this one-on-one session, the counsellor aims to support the clients to clarify and establish what is important to them and then work collaboratively to enable and empower the clients to build more quality relationships with themselves and others. In the process, the counsellor also facilitates clients’ potential and enhance their effectiveness and ability to cope and thrive in life.

When an issue is more systemic, counselling sessions often also involve the whole family or organisation to help family members or work teams broaden and increase their perspectives on how each can influence and contribute to the ‘other’ (i.e. joys & pains, learning & growth). An important goal of couple, family or team counselling is to promote mutual understanding, trust and synergy and develop better inter-relational and communication skills among family and team members – to improve couples, parent-child, sibling-sibling, supervisor-supervisee, colleagues quality of relationship).

In short, counselling aims to help clients:
  • i) Increase self-awareness & self-acceptance
  • ii) Improve inter-personal relationships
  • iii) Reduce tension & resolve conflicts
  • iv) Develop effective coping strategies to cope with stressors in life
  • v) Grow and learn to be more authentic and resourceful

Counselling Fees & Duration: $150 per hour, per session. Clients usually take approximately 8 to 15 sessions to resolve their issues and meet their counselling goals.

Pro-bono Services
Besides the face-face pro bono services offered at Hwi Yoh Community Club, The Helping Hand and the Grassroots’ Club, our counsellors at LIFE Counselling will start offering pro bono online counselling (zoom or google meet platform) to those who need counselling support with effect from 1 May 2024.

LIFE Counselling also offers pro bono mental health talk, educational & parenting talks (approx. 1.5) to organisations who request for assistance. This talk can be done online or face-to-face.

The recent introduction of pro bono services is a response to the increasingly trend of mental health issues facing our population and the desire to make mental health education and counselling more easily accessible to the public.
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